Inbound Marketing for Current Clients

You’ve been doing your research and you’ve come to the conclusion you need a solid inbound marketing strategy to attract new clients. The next step is for your team to develop the campaign. What products/services are you going to actively promote? Which target customers and industries are you going to focus on? What are your key messages going to be? How’s your conversion path going to layout? There are a variety of decisions to make and these decisions take time. But, if you are looking to try and jump-start your inbound marketing campaign you might consider targeting your existing customer.

Jump Start Your Inbound Marketing

Actual statistics may vary, but it is pretty obvious that getting business from existing customers is easier than developing new business. This read from Ian Kingwell posted on LinkedIn demonstrates all the positive factors in targeting existing customers v. new customers. In short, it is an easier sell to someone that knows you and anywhere from 3-30x more efficient.

Where To Start

We believe the starting place for your existing clients should be focused on the primary products or services you offer. For example, we are a digital marketing and branding firm. Some of our clients only use us for web development. Some only use us for brand development. Some use us for traditional marketing services. Some only use us for inbound marketing. And a handful use us for all of these services. Naturally, we’d like our customers to understand all our services but we don’t want to “sell” a client a service they already use us for.

Inbound marketing and marketing automation allows us to talk to all our clients differently based on the services they already use and knowing which services they do not. So, for our clients that only have built a website with us it is ideal to set up a campaign that would talk about our online marketing services. Or, for a customer that primarily did branding work with us, they are ideally situated to tell them about our website and online marketing services.

Think Silos

We encourage you to think about silos for your customers. Start by grouping them into the service/product categories they use individually or collectively. At this point you will have a good vision of your client list and what services/products they regularly use. Make this manageable at first. For example, we only set up four initial silos. From there you can develop the appropriate automated campaigns to start initial conversations with your current clients and move them through your conversion paths. As you learn and have success your number of campaigns can grow to compliment your full service/product offerings.

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