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  1. An action consisting of multiple angles of attack, to cultivate a business from tadpole status to champion leap frog.
  2. The process of herding cats efficiently and effectively to minimize your risks and maximize your returns.


  1. Inhabitants of a creative expanse governed by the laws of non-BSing, data-driven strategies. Insurgent tendencies punishable by nerf gun raids.


Drop the bass, adjust the treble


Whether you have a budget on a shoestring or struck it rich, investing right counts. When it comes to running paid campaigns for your product or service, that logic is no different. We stakeout the opportunity and assess whether it’s worth pursuing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising happens off your website to promote your offers and drive your lead and sales process.

We employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through contextual, display, and video advertising to appear in search engines, on YouTube or across third-party websites and apps by targeting specific keywords, search queries, interests, devices, demographics, and geo-targeting parameters. We ramp up Social Media Advertising through highly targeted custom campaigns with buzzworthy video and display advertising to drive up your engagement and boost your brand’s presence. Best of all, we track it every step of the way and you only pay for the clicks your campaign earns.

CASE STUDYdivide-multi-screen

It isn’t Beethoven’s 5th, but a careful composition nonetheless with complexity sounding at each note – market demand – engaging messaging – competitive bid – a harmony that depends on balance and staying in key.

But have you made a record? We’re topping the charts, my friend.

The Divide Music Festival, the must-attend outdoor three-day music festival featuring A-List artists, bands, and the best of Colorado’s local music, craft beer and food scene came to Sage their founding year to drive awareness for the new festival in the Rockies and get 30K to the event. After developing their brand and website, we set out with concerted effort to bring this festival to life through paid advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram targeting music lovers, festival goers, and outdoor enthusiasts for a weekend of a lifetime. Through strategic online advertising our soundwave reached 2.5M. What can we say, this is one heck of a track to play on repeat.


Look Ma – I’m #1!


Your search for results starts here. There’s just something about being able to count on someone. Especially when you need them most. We realize that one consumer search is a search for opportunity. That’s why we won’t let you miss it and we’ll get you there first. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens on your website to deliver organic results. Creating contextual relevancy on your website with high volume searched keywords and phrases ensures your page ranks high in search engine results and connects your audience with your product or service.

3 Birds and a bear walk into a bar…

Search engine titan Google is forever evolving in algorithm updates and in the last five years alone, a suite of updates – Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, and Hummingbird – have been released. All differed in purpose and impact upon organic search results, but through all these updates, we prevailed.


Turning Point a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to turning lives around for youth struggling with behavior, mental health, or substance abuse issues came to Sage without any search engine optimization performance markers. In just two weeks, we took TP from zero to hero. But while we all love fast, quality results that are quantified by a return on investment, the real Cinderella story here is we’ve kept TP’s high first page rank steady and far ahead of its competitors, even throughout Google’s updates.

Bring on the beluga whale. 


We’ll Subject You Only to the Good Stuff


Incoming! When was the last time you opened an email? Yesterday? This morning? In the other tab in your browser window… right now? We bet you check your inbox at minimum 3 times each day. No shame, you’re not alone. Email Marketing is a proven inbound marketing channel all brands should consider employing to reach their existing and prospective customers.

We create dedicated email campaigns that are tailored to your brand and personalized to your customers, with engaging design, compelling, valuable offers, and clear calls to action so you can watch how your open and click-through rates inform your sales conversions.

And it all starts with a subject line…


The strikes just keep on coming with The Summit bowling alley, laser tag, and arcade. Each week we setup The Summit for success sending promotions out to their subscribers and tailoring each email in the campaign for optimized open and click-through rates. If the first email send winds up being a gutter ball and produces less than favorable open rates, we always have a spare in our back pocket to engage the subscribers that didn’t open the first time around. This drip strategy ensures we capture as many subscribers as possible to open the email, click-through to the website, and take advantage of their promotional offer the next time they visit The Summit. Our track record for open and click-through rates is strong and above industry standard.

Did we mention we can run automation campaigns too?

Not just your standard auto-responders, but one campaign that sends emails depending upon your customer’s attributes or actions. For The Summit, when kiddos have birthdays coming up, we created an automation campaign to send the Parental Unit their child’s Free Game of Bowling!


Our Communication Skills Are Off The Chain


We speak social. We hear social. We are social. We engage with millions of people every day across our clients’ social communities and have relationships with the influencers, tastemakers, and trendsetters. Our expertise in Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps raise brand awareness and build deeper, lasting relationships with your customers. It’s not just about the buzz, but the hum that keeps pace with the pulse of the social universe. Contributing to the chatter is easy, but delivering value and listening contributing takes engagement to the next level.

Alright, So You Can Talk-The-Talk, But Can You Walk-the-Walk?

Sure can! Enter Paleo Meals To Go (PMTG).

PMTG provides a product that invigorates the lives of its customers and fuels their adventures whether they are experienced outdoor enthusiasts, globetrotters, or adventures playing in their own backyards by providing wholesome, on-the-go meal options that energize the body and reinforce the message behind holistic living to get outside and back to our roots as Mother Nature intended.

Nom nom nom. This new kid on the block didn’t get an “In” with the cool crowd overnight, but with the right social media strategy and messaging in place, the brand quickly connected with quality influencers worldwide, participates in global community chats, and is growing rapidly as the choice freeze-dried meals for outdoor adventures.


Discover the Power of Referral Marketing


Reception over string can be spotty, so if you didn’t hear, we Affiliate Market like bosses by connecting your brand with the people who can help it shine. Who are these humans? They’re your brand advocates and your customers! They understand the value of your product and service and are passionate about what you do. They’re the guys posting on social media, creating YouTube videos, and writing blog posts about your stellar mission and offers, creating buzz, driving more traffic and sales on your website. We’ll get you set up from A to Z, identifying brand ambassadors, creating incentives and rewards, and tracking the data every step of the way.

Hold the phone. Let’s wrap our mind around how this works.

Ever heard of theSkimm, the daily newsletter that gives you all the news and then some so you’re ready for the day? Their Skimm’bassador program is a way for their readers and subscribers to connect with theSkimm and share it with others in their community, helping theSkimm grow their subscriber base through word of mouth on and off the internet. Their Skimm’bassador’s sport swag around town and then share their unique links on social media, blogs, and email to help drive up acquisition rates. In return, theSkimm rewards their Skimm’bassadors with exclusives and early access to their partner brands and… you guessed it, more swag.

You can compensate however you’d like. It can be monetary, it can be for a chance to win a trip to Bali, or for a snake venom removal kit. Whatever you choose, your incentive will motivate your referral network!


Entrepreneurs Start Somewhere


These days, just about everyone is on the eCommerce playground. Whether it’s selling on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, getting a venture funded on Kickstarter or raising money on GoFundMe, or selling products and services on a site of their own, Data-Driven eCommerce is the future. When you hone in on the data, it allows you to measure the effectiveness of not only your selling strategy and platform, but also informs your marketing and advertising plan moving forward. We’re here to help and track every step of the way. From website development to eCommerce integration to landing page design, we tailor each facet to the segments of your audience and A/B test their effectiveness through campaign initiatives. We’ll help you analyze the data so you can invest in the highest converting channels, and inform your future marketing decisions.derby-graphic

We’ll let the data speak for itself…


NOCO Unify, an organization providing young business leaders and entrepreneurs with an opportunity for personal growth, friendships and leadership development while improving the quality of life for children with special needs in our community, puts on the annual Down & Derby Party for the Kentucky Derby where all ticket proceeds are directed to the kiddos. We helped our friends take their website to the next level through redesign and web development to support online ticket sales and donor management that could all be easily managed in one back end. But, we also configured each marketing campaign to communicate with the website for sales tracking to ensure we could measure the magnitude of return for every dollar spent marketing. The results? We sold out the event in 3 hours.


Betchya We Can Change Your Mind…


Real-time feedback is one of the most valuable insights you can capture from a consumer data standpoint to best understand visitors behaviors and inform your user-experience and sales strategies. Are leads getting stuck in the sales funnel? Are customers abandoning their cart purchases? Are people bouncing the second they hit the website? These are valid questions that have answers and we can help you get them and analyze them! Through exit surveys that are designed with skip logic and branching, live chat integrations, and smart trigger methodologies, we can intercept a prospective lead before they become a loss. Through A/B testing paired with smart experiment design, we dial in the most efficient direction your brand needs to take to communicate and convert your customers effectively.

Take a sip…

Ghandi said the power of question is the basis of all human progress. If you don’t ask, they won’t tell and you’ll be exactly where you started. So, we asked the folks that were ready to leave the website “Buddy, you’re leaving us in the dust? Mind telling us why?” 1,500 people responded in 2 weeks. And of those that were abandoning their purchase because they had to pullback on the purse strings, 80% took us up on a discount so we could save the sale. Not too shabby if we may say so ourselves. Let us make it happen for you!

Read it? Skimmed it?
Getting your inspiration on?

Kudos, thanks! We’re proud to collaborate with our clients and take pride in the work we create. We look forward to working with you!

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